Maintenance & Care

Care Guide

Stainless steel, while being stain and rust resistant, it is not impervious to water. We recommended that you hand wash and wipe your knife dry after every use. The possibility of corrosion can occur if remnants of food or moisture remain on the blade for long periods. This is a quality investment piece and by taking proper precautions you will enjoy many years of stress free service. Remember, do not use your knife on hard objects and on surfaces such as granite or glass cutting boards.


Maintenance Guide

It is recommended to re-sharpen your knife blade periodically. If you are using a sharpening stone or round sharpening rod, please keep the correct blade angle while sharpening.  For regular maintenance a sharpening/honing rod is recommended. For serious resharpening and reshaping a whetstone would be the best route, but should only be used after some practice. More commonly used are table top sharpeners, which come in manual or electric models.